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Chaos Series

The Chaos series is not about the transparent beauty of glass.  Rather it is about the contrast and continuity of the vessel; the interaction of color, texture and form, in the right light, can reveal the subtle, luminous beauty of glass.

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River Rocks Series

Guérard’s most recent series of work has evolved from his observations of the river close to his studio and his interest in the undulations and beauty of the form of glass, that in its hot, liquid form, can flow and swirl as an eddy of water before solidifying in a form that will hold the rocks.

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Shunyata Series

Shunyata is a Buddhist term meaning the emptiness of being.  The fused, frosted glass shards become a luminous container, useful only to act as a vessel for the emptiness which gives it its form.

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Fragile City Series

This is a new, evolving series. Cityscapes have a type of beauty that reveals their humanity. I am using a loose interpretation of contemporary as well as traditional architectural styles that comprise modern cities combined with the luminosity and texture of glass to attempt to capture this ephemeral “heart of the city.”

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